Calgary Bulldog breeder fined over distressed ‘designer’ dogs

WATCH: A Calgary designer dog breeder has been banned for life from owning or caring for pets. The sentence comes a year after he was charged and 13 dogs seized. Jayme Doll reports.

CALGARY – A Calgary man has been fined after 13 distressed dogs were seized from his home last month.

The Calgary Humane Society says the dogs were lacking water, living in unsanitary conditions and had medical concerns. They were being bred as American Bully types, with an emphasis on desirable physical traits which were in direct conflict with medical fitness.

The Humane Society says the majority of them required extensive orthopedic and respiratory surgeries to improve their quality of life.

“These dogs, despite their deformities and limited ability to breath, were exceptionally social and resilient,” says Brad Nichols, Senior Manager, Animal Cruelty Investigations.

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On June 24th, Chun Fat (Darren) Law was convicted and sentenced to a $4,000 fine and a lifetime prohibition from owning or caring for animals.

“The sentence took into consideration the commercial aspect of the exploitation of these dogs,” added Nichols. “As well as, essentially, shutting down Mr. Law’s breeding operation, permanently.”

“While designer dogs may be cute, they may be suffering medically as a result.”

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