The InstaList: Canada’s cutest pets on Instagram

Find Momo.
Find Momo. Instagram

It’s not that animal lovers didn’t love their pets any less in the dark ages before social media and Instagram. It’s just that they couldn’t express their love to the world like they can now.

The InstaList has taken up the task of finding Canada’s cutest pets on Instagram, tirelessly sifting through the most adorable photos on the Internet to bring you this week’s instalment.

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WHO: Momo the Border Collie – @andrewknapp

WHY: Everyone loves taking photos of their pets, but usually the furry friends are front and center. Not so with Momo the Border Collie. She and her owner Andrew Knapp have created an online sensation with the series called “Find Momo,” where Momo patiently hides in the background of a frame and readers have to find her. Their Instagram has taken off, and there’s even a coffee table book filled with gorgeous pictures of an equally gorgeous Momo hidden somewhere inside. The added challenge of having to find Momo makes spending hours on Instagram feel much more productive.

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WHO: Atchoum – @atchoumfan

WHY: With eyes like that, there’s no way you won’t get drawn towards Atchoum. He’s a young Persian cat living in Montreal who has a rare disorder called hypertrichosis, which in extreme cases is known as “werewolf syndrome.” This means Atchoum is incredibly hairy (even for a cat) but what’s most eye-catching about Atchoum is his mystifying and almost mystically bright orange eyes. Don’t stare into them for too long, or you might never stop!

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I have to go work!! #atchoum #cats #pets

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WHO: Molly and Max – @molly_n_max

WHY: The realm of cute animals isn’t exclusive to dogs and cats. Molly and Max are two Lionhead bunnies in Vancouver that have taken the area by storm. Have you ever seen two bunnies on leashes walking through the woods and hopping across streams? You haven’t really lived until you’ve seen that.

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Greetings from Vancouver!

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WHO: Toby Little Dude – @toby_littledude

WHY: Normally it would be embarrassing if a dog dressed better than you, but when that dog is Toby, and his fashion is as “on fleek” as this, there’s really nothing you can do. Described by his owners as a hipster with attitude, Toby (or Tobes as his friends call him) is so sartorially advanced he’s become the spokesdog for, a dog toy and treat online shop. His photos are wonderfully bright and colourful, and there’s a special thrill in seeing a dog pull off a fedora better than most humans.


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WHO: Levy the Siberian cat – @levy_the_siberian_cat

WHY: Cats can be difficult on Instagram, still as cute as dogs but not as energetic or bouncy. Well, Levy the Siberian cat has turned that lethargic attitude into a definite win for his owners, becoming an Edmonton celebrity known for his laidback attitude and posture. No one since Garfield has gotten this famous for doing this little! He’s a 12-pound lazy pile of fur, and out of the 302 posts on his feed, Levy is standing (or at the very least not lying down) in at most five of them. He leads a great and inspirational life for all those who just want to take a nap, i.e. everybody.

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WHO: The Oreo Cat – @theoreocatofficial

WHY: Changing the world one smile at a time, Oreo the cat has an amazing story. A rescue cat who had an alarmingly close brush with death, he’s now adorable and fully grown with his own line of books and calendars. Who could resist his alluring eyes?


WHO: Lemons the corgi – @lemonsthecorgi

WHY: Grammatically incorrect name aside, there’s a lot to love about Lemons the corgi. Firstly, he’s a corgi, perhaps the most adored of all dog breeds (Queen Elizabeth II has had more than 30.) Secondly, he is the happiest pup you’ll ever see. Who could possibly resist that bright and vivacious smile? The world needs more corgis, and Lemons’ Instagram feed is just what people need to convince them to get such a peculiarly attractive breed.

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WHO: Gary the cat – @hisnameisgary

WHY: Gary the cat is just as lazy as Levy the Siberian cat, but in a more “Garfield-esque” way. He’s an exotic short-hair, and there’s something about his flat face and permanently tired eyes, paired with the constant look of shock and confusion on his face, that makes your heart melt. He’s probably the happiest cat in the world, and judging by other photos on his Instagram feed Gary the cat is very well taken care of, but you just want to hold him and tell him that everything will be okay.

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Don't go chasing waterfalls… 🎤

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