Deadmau5, Disney settle dispute over mouse logo

Deadmau5 performing at Toronto's Masonic Temple.
Deadmau5 performing at Toronto's Masonic Temple. John R. Kennedy / Global News

TORONTO — Canadian EDM star Deadmau5 has settled a dispute with Disney over his plan to trademark a caricature of his mouse head.

A spokesperson for the Toronto-based DJ, whose real name is Joel Zimmerman, said the two sides reached an “amicable” resolution.

Details of the agreement have not been made public and representatives for Disney have not commented.

Deadmau5’s holding company applied in 2013 to register a caricature of a mouse head with black ears and white eyes. In March 2014, Disney filed its opposition, claiming the design was “nearly identical in appearance, connotation and overall commercial impression” to its Mickey Mouse logo.

The company said there could be confusion among consumers.


Deadmau5 fired back with a tweet last September: “Disney thinks you might confuse an established electronic musician / performer with a cartoon mouse. That’s how stupid they think you are.”

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In April, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board ruled against Deadmau5’s claim that Disney would not suffer any harm from his registration of the mouse caricature.