Calgary’s Sarah Reid heartbroken after Olympic ring, jewellery stolen

Olympian Sarah Reid's precious rings were stolen from her Calgary home on June 8, 2015. Handout

CALGARY – When Sarah Reid joined the sport of Skeleton 11 years ago, the dream was to represent her country at the Olympic Games. She fulfilled that dream in Sochi last February.

The greatest symbol of that accomplishment was her Olympic ring, which only those who have competed receive. Now that symbol is gone.

Reid’s house in Calgary’s Crescent Heights neighbourhood was broken into on Monday.

“I have cats and they’re indoor cats, and I walked in the back gate to see my cats sitting on the back deck, which I was like, ‘That’s weird, what are you guys doing out here,’ and then came around to the back door, and the back door was actually ajar,” she said. “That’s when I had seen the kitchen window had been pried open.”

The thieves stole all of her jewellery, including her prized Olympic ring.

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“That was a tough pill to swallow,” said Reid.

“I feel like I earned the privilege to be able to wear that ring, and you can’t just go to a store and buy an Olympic ring.”

That wasn’t the only invaluable item she lost. Reid’s grandmother’s ring was in the same jewellery box, sitting on a shelf in her room.

“That was something that was meant to be passed down through our family; it was something that was meant to go to my kids one day.

“Those two things are the only two things I owned that I will never be able to buy back.”

Reid almost didn’t post anything on social media, until her mother convinced her to get the word out. Since posting on social media on Thursday, Reid said the response has been overwhelming.

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“Within an hour I had hundreds of people reaching out, and just offering words of support and wanting to help and get the word out there. That has definitely been a silver lining in this whole experience.”

Reid continues to work with police in hopes of recovering the valuable rings, and has a message for the thieves.

“I can’t put a value on those things…for those two pieces of jewellery, those are two things that I’ll never get back. So, I think if you have any sense of regret for what you’ve done, then give them back.”

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