What it’s like to eat according to Canada’s Food Guide

Wait -- how many bagels a day?. Heather Loney, Global News

Canada’s Food Guide — that colourful poster many of us remember hanging on our grade school walls — is the nation’s model to eating well.

In many ways it’s a cornerstone of Canada’s approach to healthy eating, shaping policy across the country. It aims to teach Canadians about health and nutrition, while ensuring we meet our nutritional needs.

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But is it out of date and out of touch? Health experts and critics alike say, ‘yes,’ calling it overly complicated and fraught with flaws. Health Canada isn’t sure yet (they’re currently in the process of reviewing the Guide).

So we decided to find out for ourselves. Follow our unscientific experiment in the blog below as we spend the week eating according to the Food Guide. You can also follow our nutritional journey on Twitter, using the hashtag #FoodGuideDiary.

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