Oregon home sold after ‘Free Pizza for Life’ clause added to contract

TORONTO – Sometimes, it’s the small things that can help seal the deal in a negotiation.

Or in this case, a lifetime promise of small things (or medium things, or large things), delivered right to your door, hot fresh and made to order.

A contract for a home purchase in Portland, Oregon includes a promise for the buyer – the son of a pizzeria owner – to provide free pizzas for life to the seller.

Donna Denicola, owner of Denicola’s Italian Restaurant in Portland, says she was helping her son Johnny purchase his first home when she made a throwaway suggestion.

“Because I can be a little sarcastic, I was like, ‘how about throwing in one pizza a month for life,’” Denicola told KOIN News in Portland. “It was a joke, I will say that right now, didn’t even know it got into the paperwork.”

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But as Denicola learned, the offer of free pizza for life is nothing to joke about – something she discovered when the “Free Pizza” clause was written up into the sale of the home.

But now that it’s in the contract, the Denicola’s have every intention of honuoring their arrangement.

“They can have whatever they want, it doesn’t even matter,” Donna Denicola said. “They can have a large pizza, they can have whatever they want on it.”

There were some other perks thrown in that helped sweeten the deal, too: $26,000 over the asking price for the home, as well as two months free rent after closing the sale.

“We did the math mostly for the rent back and that was just enough there,” said seller Molly Marsh.

“Of course, the pizza is a good example of they really went above and beyond.”

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