Calgary City Councillor Sean Chu faces backlash over tweet

WATCH ABOVE: Councillor Sean Chu speaks with Global News about his controversial tweet and apologizes for it Sunday afternoon. 

CALGARY – On Saturday night, Ward 4 councillor Sean Chu wrote the following tweet, comparing the recent Irish vote to allow same-sex marriage to “our own social revolution to screw the dt (downtown) businesses. Cycletracks.”

It didn’t take long for dozens in the twitter world to react to his tweet linking same-sex marriage and bike lanes.

On Sunday, he wrote a supportive tweet about Calgary’s gay pride parade and then later, tweeted an apology for the original tweet that drew fire.

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Chu spoke with Global News Sunday afternoon and said he made a mistake.

“The important thing is that I unequivocally apologize for the tweet, which was a very bad comparison and I’m 100%, absolutely support equal rights and human rights,” Chu said. “I believe that people understand that we’re human and we make mistakes, and it came out and I apologize for it. I have learned from it and we’ll move on.”

This isn’t the first time councillor Chu has taken heat for his social media posts. Around this time last year, he apologized for cursing in a tweet about bicycle counts.

Chu used the term “b******t” to describe the data presented to council on the number of cyclists using a current bike lane. He insinuated that a city staff member may have been taking some sort of substance.

Chu also raised controversy for a tweet he wrote in January 2014, saying that the intensely cold weather at the time cast doubt on climate change and global warming.

“I have learned from it and maybe my head is a little big hard, harder than others in learning, but I have definitely learned,” Chu said.

Chu has been a member of Calgary City Council since October 2013 when he unseated Gael MacLeod in Ward 4.

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