‘I just hope Luka is in a better place’: Whistler stabbing victim’s mom speaks out

WATCH:  The mother of a Burnaby teen stabbed to death in Whistler last weekend is speaking out as we learn more about some of the 4 young suspects in the slaying. Rumina Daya reports.

VANCOUVER – “We miss him so much,” said Clara Gordic outside the North Vancouver courtroom on Thursday.

“It’s just terrible, that’s it.”

Eighteen-year-old Arvin Golic had just appeared in court, charged with manslaughter in connection with the death of Clara’s 19-year-old son Luka.

Speaking for the first time since her son was stabbed to death in Whistler over the long weekend, Clara said she hopes Luka is in a better place.

“I don’t know what to say anymore, it’s just terrible,” she said.

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Gordic died Sunday morning in Whistler after police said there was a fight between two groups of young people spending the long weekend at the resort town. He graduated from Burnaby Central Secondary School a year ago and was studying to become a plumber.

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Three 17-year-olds, also charged with manslaughter in his death, appeared in court Wednesday. Two were released on bail, but the third remains in custody. The teens were released to their parents, must report to a bail supervisor and abide by a nightly curfew.

About 100 of Luka’s family members and friends have been in court every day so far and say they will continue to show their support for Luka. “You just want to know every possible piece of information that has taken place,” said Luka’s uncle, Gianni Buono. “We love Luka so much and we just want to see everything that’s happened to him in that altercation.”

But he is concerned about the youths who have been released on bail.

“As a parent, I would be concerned that these people are still in the community and we only have four in custody, well two now in custody, two released and it’s an unsafe environment,” he said.

“I think parents need to do everything possible to ensure that their kids are safe.”

Clara said the last conversation she had with her son was to tell him to be safe. She is very grateful for the love and support from family, friends and the community, but could bring herself to say little else.

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“I hope no other family has to go through this, it’s terrible,” she said.

Friends of Luka have set up a Facebook memorial page for him and his family.

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