Mom shames, berates teen daughter caught posting racy photos on Facebook

WATCH ABOVE: A mother from Denver posted a video on Facebook where she shames her 13-year-old daughter for posing as a racy 19-year-old girl on Facebook. The controversial video has gone viral.

A Denver, Colorado mom is being praised and criticized after thoroughly shaming her 13-year-old daughter in a nearly six-minute Facebook video of her berating the teen for posting racy photos on the social media site.

“You’ve got a Facebook page, and you’re on there with your bra on, right? Is that what you do?” Valerie Starks asks her daughter in the video.

“So why does your Facebook page say that you are 19?”

Her daughter, Krystiauna Martin, stands awkwardly to her mother’s left and cries as she’s forced to answer her mother’s questions.

“And are you a freak?”

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“Does your Facebook page say you are a freak?”


She explains in the video that her daughter was dressed provocatively on Facebook and claiming she was 19 years old.  Starks berates her daughter as the teen cries and struggles to speak. Throughout the five-minute video, Starks forces her daughter to admit private details like the type of underwear she wears, that she still watches the Disney Channel, and still has a 10 p.m. bed time.

“Don’t cry now, you wasn’t crying when you were posting photos on Facebook was you? In a bra, or some little girl in some lace panties, that you know you don’t own,” she says in the video.

Starks says in the video she’s trying to make sure her young daughter remains “a kid.”

“So anybody who’s her friend, who’s a grown ass man, might just want to delete her,” Starks says in the video. “She’s a kid, and she’s going to stay a kid and as long as she’s under my roof, she’s going to do what I say.”

The video has gone viral; it’s been shared over 340,000 times and viewed nearly 12 million times since being posted on May 17. Since then, Starks has written several posts on Facebook thanking people for their support and her friend count has skyrocketed to nearly 5,000.

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Most of the comments on her Facebook page are supportive, with one thanking her for showing “that there are still loving and caring parents in the world.”

But others, though claiming to understand Stark’s good intentions, think she took it too far.

One commenter wrote:  “I hope your daughter grows to hate you for how you embarrassed her. You couldve (sic) said the same thing off the camera, but noooooo you just had to follow suit like these other jack ass parents and record it for the damn world to see.”

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