Montreal Uber offices raided by Revenu Quebec

Above Watch: Two Montreal Uber offices were raided by 20 Revenu Quebec tax investigators on Thursday morning. Elysia Bryan-Baynes reports.

MONTREAL — Two Montreal Uber offices were raided by 20 Revenu Quebec tax investigators on Thursday morning.

Quebec’s revenue agency said in a statement that it had “reasonable grounds to believe offences had been committed against its tax laws” and the tax agency’s searches aimed “to collect relevant evidence relating to an ongoing investigation.”

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In April, 40 vehicles were seized from Montreal Uber drivers.

Montreal’s taxi bureau has been cracking down on UberX since March, with both Montreal and Quebec taking the stance that the service was illegal because drivers did not have the correct permits.

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Jean-Nicolas Guillemette of Uber’s Quebec branch noted at the time of the seizures that Uber drivers were within their rights to offer rides to Montrealers. He said the company planned to contest the tickets and seizures in court.

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