Andre the Giant is a 25-pound cat with his own Facebook and Instagram account

WATCH ABOVE: A cat in Fairplay, Colorado weighs a whopping 25 pounds. Whitney Wild reports.

TORONTO – A pet supply and animal rescue shop in Colorado has seen business boom after images of its resident 25-pound cat went viral.

“Andre the Giant,” as he’s now known, was discovered as a stray in November by Good Samaritans in downtown Fairplay – a small town southeast of Denver – and brought to High Paw Pet Supplies and Animal Rescue of the Rockies.

News of a gigantic cat at the store quickly spread after a photo was shared online.

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Takeda eventually decided to adopt Andre herself and let him roam the shop as a regular. Just a few months later, he’s become a quasi-mascot.

Andre has since been armed with his very own Facebook and Instagram account – which have helped to make him one popular kitty.

“Within a month of us having him, people [are] coming in to see him and to visit, the adoption rate for the rescue skyrocketed,” she added in The Denver Post.

According to one employee, the rescue service hadn’t had an adoption in three months. But December saw five adoptions after Andre arrived.

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As for his size, Takeda and a veterinarian have yet to find an explanation.

“We think perhaps he has Savannah in him — those are huge cats,” Takeda said. However, the veterinarian noted that Andre is heavier than a typical Savannah cat.

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