Dog killed by another dog in Calgary’s northeast

CALGARY – Calgary Police say the city’s Animal and Bylaw Services is now leading an investigation into a deadly dog attack.

A dog was killed by another dog in the city’s northeast Sunday afternoon.

Police say it happened just after 2 p.m. in a nearby green space by Skyview Ranch.

They say they believe both dogs were being walked by separate owners when one attacked and killed the other.

The owners of both dogs remained on scene afterwards.

A witness, who wasn’t willing to speak on camera, told Global News she saw the attack unfold while she was at the nearby playground.

She said a larger dog on a leash attacked a puppy that was off leash.

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Bylaw services confirmed it’s also investigating another dog attack that turned deadly this weekend.

This one happened in the northeast community of Martindale.

Few details are known at this point, but a bylaw spokesperson says a dog was sent to a veterinary hospital after being attacked by another dog shortly before 11 p.m. last night.

The dog who was attacked then succumbed to its injuries this morning.


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