Heated battle between CAQ and Liberals in Chauveau by-election

Above watch: Two former TVA reporters are set to face off in a by-election in Chauveau, a riding north of Quebec City. Caroline Plante has more.

STONEHAM, QUE. — In beautiful mountainous Chauveau, people have been casting their vote for the ADQ – CAQ since 2007.

The population of the riding north of Quebec City is middle-to-upper class and the average age is 37 and the area includes sections of Charlesbourg, Stoneham and Lac Beauport, as well as the Huron village of Wendake.

This June, two former TVA reporters are set to face off in a by by-election in Chauveau, a riding north of Quebec City.

Véronyque Tremblay said she hopes to reverse the trend. The 41-year-old mother of two and former TVA journalist is running for the Liberals. She lives in the riding and promises to be as accessible as the man she’s trying to replace.

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“Gérard Deltell was very popular here, and I know that: I voted for him, but I voted for the man, not for the party,” she told Global News.

Her opponent said she thinks Tremblay is more of a caquiste (a member of the Coalition Avenir Québec) than a Liberal.

As a columnist, Tremblay publicly opposed Liberal priorities, such as wind power development and daycare fee increases.

“She’s not in the Liberal Party mindset,” said Jocelyne Cazin. “I think she would probably vote for the CAQ!”

Cazin is also a well known TVA personality who hails from Montreal.

“I been walking everyday for three weeks and I meet people who are very frustrated, the young and the elderly in particular because the Liberals take money from them.”

She said she believes her election would send a strong signal to the Liberals that they cannot continue to increase taxes and tariffs.

The CAQ have also noted that in Chauveau, school taxes have jumped 33 per cent in the last two years.

The Parti Québécois’ Sébastien Couture isn’t expected to garner much support; the party obtained just 12 per cent of the vote in 2014.

There are four weeks left in the campaign. Chauveau will elect its new MNA on June 8.


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