Edmonton downtown development focus for City and business community

WATCH ABOVE: Business leaders and the city invited media to see how the downtown is rapidly changing. Jim Taylor joins us to talk about the transformation.

EDMONTON – Business leaders and the City of Edmonton are pushing to promote downtown development.

The group invited the media to the 16th floor of the EPCOR tower Thursday morning in an effort to engage and inform Edmontonians.

“When you see 25 cranes dominating the skyline, you know something big is happening, and we’re all proud to be part of the transformation,” said Councillor Scott Mckeen.

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“This is a downtown for everyone. Workers, students, urban dwellers, music and arts lovers, hockey fans, food aficionados – Downtown Edmonton is once again becoming the booming heart of our city and a hot destination for visitors,” said Chris Buyze, Downtown Edmonton Community League President.

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WATCH: We were invited to get a bird’s eye view of downtown. Also, we received an update on all the developments underway. Lisa Wolansky was there.

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The City of Edmonton’s numbers show over one million square feet in Edmonton’s core is now a construction site, over 1,100 residential units are under construction, with another 3,300 having been announced by developers, and the amount of underdeveloped land in downtown has been decreased by 17 per cent over the past two years.

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“There’s a real impact over the next few years to our citizens, businesses and visitors with so much development occurring. We’re asking Edmontonians to be patient, get informed and be excited, as we transform our city,” added Mckeen.

Some of the current and future projects include the downtown arena, two 51-storey towers near MacEwan University, Stantec’s 62-storey mixed-use tower and a new Delta Hotel.