Alberta Election 2015: Lukaszuk loses seat in Edmonton-Castle Downs to NDP’s Nicole Goehring

New Democratic Party candidate Nicole Goehring has been declared as winner in the Edmonton-Castle Downs riding—a seat previously held by PC candidate Thomas Lukaszuk. Lukaszuk has represented the Edmonton-Castle Downs riding since 2001 and has served in several cabinet positions.

“We, as a party, need to take stock of what it is that the party has misread; what the leadership has misread,” Lukaszuk said Tuesday night in an interview with Global’s Eric Szeto.

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“Am I upset? You bet. I’m going to sleep like a baby tonight: wake up every 15 minutes and cry. But tomorrow morning, I’ll roll up my sleeves. I will want to meet with the party, and with volunteers and with grassroots and say, ‘Guys, Albertans have sent us a clear signal. Let’s reconstitute.'”


The riding’s support has swung between the Liberal and PC parties in the past.


  • Progressive Conservative: Thomas Lukaszuk (Incumbent)
  • NDP: Nicole Goehring
  • Wildrose: Gerrit Rossenboom
  • Liberal: Todd Ross

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