How to prepare for some late nights watching Winnipeg Jets playoff action

WINNIPEG – There will likely be a lot of sleep deprived Winnipeggers Friday morning.

The Jets are kicking off their playoff run at 9:30 pm CST Thursday in Anaheim, meaning a late night for fans with the game likely wrapping up near midnight.

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If you don’t want to feel tired Friday, sleep experts say it is best to find time Thursday for a quick nap.

“Keep it short, 10 to 30 minutes maximum,” said Darren DeCock, the manager of the Manitoba Sleep Program with RANA Respiratory Care Group. “Any longer than that and you go into a deep sleep.”

Even when the playoff series returns to Winnipeg Monday, game time isn’t until 8:30 p.m.

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He says a nap is best earlier in the day as opposed to right before game time.

If napping isn’t your thing consider sleeping a little more each night leading up to a game.

The Jets are playing the Anaheim Ducks in a best of seven first round series. The earliest puck drop is 8pm.

A close game also could mean a groggy next day.

“It will be hard to go to sleep right after the game, especially if it goes into overtime,” said DeCock.

He suggests reading a book, listening to music or even deep breathing to relax after a game.

Coffee is a good idea if you are still tired the next day.

“It’s the coffee beans, the Italian coffee beans that make it strong,” said Maria Pepe, with Cafe 13 in the Caboto Centre.

She says espresso is the strongest drink followed by cappuccino and lattes.

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