Dorval resident takes on Canada Post over location of community mailboxes

WATCH: Canada Post community mailbox dispute in Dorval, Quebec

MONTREAL — It’s not exactly what you’d expect to find in front of a suburban home in Dorval, a city on the Island of Montreal.

The large mound of earth, a makeshift barrier and a front lawn littered with signs is a direct message to Canada Post that the owner of the property on Strathmore Boulevard doesn’t want a community mailbox built in front of his house.

A Dorval resident on Strathmore Boulevard is fighting to stop community mailboxes from opening on his property line.
A Dorval resident on Strathmore Boulevard is fighting to stop community mailboxes from opening on his property line. Tim Sargeant/Global News

“The signs and everything and the way he reacts, I think it’s a good thing,” Pierre Proulx, a neighbour told Global News.

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The local Canada Post carrier wouldn’t say much — other than he first saw the signs and barrier on Monday.

“This is the second time. I was working yesterday on the same route. But I would rather not comment,” the mailman said.

The property owner wasn’t at home when Global News tried to reach him, but the extreme measures he’s taking to keep community boxes off his lot is reverberating well beyond Dorval’s city limits.

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“They’re not happy, especially with the location of the boxes,” Robert Myles, the Longueuil City Councillor representing Greenfield Park told Global News.

He insists there is an enormous amount of opposition in his south shore neighbourhood against community boxes as well.

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“I feel upset for the simple reason that there was no consultation whatsoever with the city council of Greenfield Park,” he said.

Officials at Canada Post insisted they have consulted with the local residents.

According to the crown corporation, most people want smaller community mailboxes near their homes, including the chosen location in Dorval.

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“We will be happy to have further conversations but we need to move forward,” Jon Hamilton of Canada Post told Global News in a Skype interview.

“At this point the safest and most convenient location in that community is where we’ve chosen.” 

Canada Post said it hopes to have its new boxes installed by the summer, but the government-owned company could be in for a long fight with this Dorval home owner who refuses to give up a portion of his front yard.