Vancouver remains the most traffic-congested city in Canada

WATCH: Eric Sorensen reports on a study that has ranked Vancouver to be the most traffic-congested city in Canada.

VANCOUVER – Once again, Vancouver has been ranked the most traffic-congested city in Canada.

According to a study from TomTom, which released its fifth global Traffic Index on Tuesday, Vancouver commuters lose, on average, 84 hours a year being delayed in traffic. The average time lost to traffic across the country is almost 79 hours.

Overall congestion rate across Canada:

Credit: TomTom Traffic Index.


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The overall congestion rate in the city is 35 per cent, which increased by about seven per cent over last year. TomTom’s Traffic Index reports the most congested day of 2014 in Vancouver was Thursday, April 17. Thursday evenings seem to be the most congested commute across the country, except in Edmonton, Quebec and Calgary.

Thursday evening commutes:.

Toronto is the country’s second most congested city, with an overall congestion level of 31 per cent, and Ottawa is the third most congested at 28 per cent.

Overall congestion in Canada is 27 per cent, which is up two per cent from 2013.

Calgary is the least congested city.

“TomTom’s mission is to reduce traffic congestion for everyone,” said Jocelyn Vigreux, president of TomTom, Inc. in a release. “Road authorities and local governments can use TomTom’s traffic data to better manage traffic flow during the rush hour. We can help businesses plan smarter working hours to help their employees avoid travelling during rush hour. And we give drivers the real-time traffic information and smart routing they need to avoid congested roads and get there faster.”

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Jim Norsworthy of Mainland Mobile Locksmiths tells Global News he loses $500 to $600 a day because of traffic in the Vancouver area. Twenty years ago, he averaged about 10 calls a day. Now maxes out at six calls a day if he is lucky.

Top seven most congested cities in Canada ranked by overall congestion level in 2014:

RankCityOverall Congestion Level 2014Overall Congestion Level 2013


Vancouver ranks 20th among cities around the world. Istanbul in Turkey is the most congested city in the world at 58 per cent.

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WATCH:  TomTom senior traffic expert Nick Cohn has more

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