WATCH: Former VANOC CEO addresses dropped sexual abuse lawsuits

WATCH: Former VANOC CEO John Furlong spoke publicly today about what he calls an “unimaginable nightmare.” Jill Bennett reports.

Former VANOC CEO John Furlong says he will drop a defamation lawsuit against the reporter who originally published a story containing sexual assault allegations against him.

Furlong says he filed a notice to end his defamation lawsuit against reporter Laura Robinson this morning.

Robinson released a written response to Furlong’s announcement later this afternoon, saying:

I feel that the dropping of Mr. Furlong’s lawsuit against me today is recognition that my reporting on the serious allegations was responsible and appropriate.

My suit is about an attack on my integrity and professional conduct as a journalist. It has never been about these three cases.

I look forward to my June 15, 2015 court date.

Addressing the media this morning, Furlong also spoke about the three sexual abuse lawsuits against him that have now been either dropped or dismissed.

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The last of the cases was dismissed by a B.C. supreme court judge yesterday.

They all relate to incidents alleged to have occurred more than 40 years ago during Furlong’s time as a teacher at a school in Burns Lake.

One case, a claim filed by former student Grace West in 2013, was dismissed in February. The other was dropped by the complainant in December.

The RCMP officially closed their investigation into allegations of sexual assault against Furlong in December 2013.

“An almost unimaginable nightmare that my family and I endured for years has finally ended,” says Furlong. “As long, painful and paralyzing as this has been, I am glad that truth and innocence have prevailed.”

WATCH: John Furlong’s full statement

Furlong says he is not angry, but ‘disappointed’ in the complainants.

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“I wish them no harm and I do hope they will go on and find inner peace. However, they will have to live with what they have done and I hope that they will do better,” said former VANOC chief.

He says he plans to rebuild his business interests and continue with professional work.

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