Calgary police search Airdrie property for more evidence related to Liknes and O’Brien homicides

WATCH ABOVE: Nine months after the disappearance of a Calgary couple and their grandson, investigators are once again back on a rural property searching for evidence. The property belongs to the parents of Douglas Garland. He’s charged with the murder of Nathan O’Brien, and his grandparents Alvin and Kathy Liknes. Nancy Hixt reports.

CALGARY – Calgary police say investigators were out at a property east of Airdrie Sunday, looking for more evidence in connection to the Liknes and O’Brien murders to support the upcoming court case.

Shoulder to shoulder, investigators scoured the rural property north east of Calgary.

It’s a scene that was almost commonplace last summer.

Douglas Garland is charged with two counts of first-degree murder in relation to the deaths of Kathryn and Alvin Liknes, and one count of second-degree murder in the death of Nathan O’Brien.

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Fifty-four-year-old Garland was living on the acreage just northeast of Airdrie that was meticulously searched by police. He has been the sole person of interest in the case.

Nathan O’Brien and his grandparents, Kathryn and Alvin Liknes, haven’t been seen since June 29th, after what police say was a violent incident in the Liknes home.

The couple had been having an estate sale and were downsizing ahead of a move to a home in Edmonton and then on to Mexico.

In mid July, Garland was arrested and charged with two counts of first degree murder, and one count of 2nd degree murder in their deaths.

It’s been nine months since, to see investigators back on the Airdrie property, has taken neighbours by surprise.

“Obviously they found something but it would just be nice for the people down the road if this was a conclusion to it and for the families,” Jim Nevada said.

It’s the acreage where Douglas Garland’s parents live.

For weeks the acreage was turned upside down as forensic crews searched for clues in the disappearance of Nathan O’brien and his grandparents Alvin and Kathryn Liknes.

Their bodies have never been found.

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The fact police are back at the property is stirring up mixed emotions for loved one’s of Nathan, Alvin and Kathy.

“If they’ve discovered something and they’re following up on a lead I’m going to presume they’re doing their job and it will help the family to find closure in this whole tragedy and perhaps there’s something they are following up on that’s key to the finalization of this horrible crime.”

It’s been a tough road for the family, as they still hold out hope for answers.

“I miss her every day, there’s no doubt about it. So finding out suddenly something is going on and they are following up, I only have comfort knowing police are doing their absolute best,”

Investigators won’t comment on the specifics of their search or what led them to come back to the property.

Officially, Calgary Police say they’re collecting additional evidence to support the upcoming court case.

Sources say he remains in protective custody-being bounced between the Calgary Remand Centre and Medicine Hat Remand Centre

Investigators are expected to be at the garland property for several more days.

Police say they have no further information in regards to the location of the victims.

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Garland’s preliminary inquiry has been set for May 19th to 29th, 2015.

It will determine if Garland should be committed to stand trial.



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