WATCH: Kristi Gordon says men on-air are not held to same scrutiny as women

WATCH ABOVE: Kristi Gordon’s hate mail video goes viral.

VANCOUVER – Meteorologist Kristi Gordon has received hundreds of emails and thousands of messages on Facebook and Twitter since she went public with some hate mail she’s received about what she wears on-air during her pregnancy.

Gordon says she is so thankful to everyone who has sent her and Global BC positive messages.

But she says she did not go public with the letters to get compliments. “More so it was about bringing up this idea that a) people on-air seem to be fair game to people and especially anonymous people. They send off these letters without their name attached. It’s just downright mean.”

“And then, as you said, [speaking to BC1’s Jill Krop], there’s the aspect for a female, the male anchor does not, for example, get the same type of scrutiny as we do.”
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Krop says male anchors can age, get overweight or lose their hair, but women cannot do the same.

“It makes me sad,” says Krop, “because you asked me, did I get that kind of response when I was pregnant on-air? And I think we figured out what the difference is. When you’re a news anchor and you’re on-air, you’re wearing a jacket and people see [the top half of your body]. You [Kristi] are full frame and you turn sideways.”

Gordon says she knows her body is changing but she still wants to look good.

“It’s when it’s cupped under the belly that people, I get more emails then,” says Gordon. “I have a problem when it starts getting mean.”

Krop says women are subject to so much more scrutiny than men about their bodies and what their bodies are doing. “The most amazing thing is that you’re growing a person inside your body right now,” says Krop.

“We have hundreds of thousands of viewers on Global BC, whom we adore, love, respect, and enjoy calling part of our Global family,” she adds. “For those of you in ‘The Group’ [who wrote Kristi the letter] you can go watch another channel, we’d be ok with that.”
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These are the types of tops Kristi is criticized for the most:

Kristi Gordon on the air.
Kristi Gordon on the air. Global News