NDP leader Tom Mulcair addresses Bill C-51

WATCH: The leader of the federal NDP is in B.C. today — renewing his campaign to stop the government’s proposed anti-terrorism legislation. Grace Ke reports. 

NDP leader Tom Mulcair spoke in Vancouver this morning to discuss his opposition to the proposed Bill C-51.

The anti-terrorism bill, proposed by Stephen Harper’s government, has been mired in controversy with some human-rights groups suggesting the bill would go beyond genuine security threats and will affect privacy and freedoms of all Canadians.

WATCH: Tom Mulcair spoke this morning at Vancouver’s Robson Square 

The legislation is expected to broaden the Canadian Security Intelligence Service’s mandate, giving CSIS the ability to disrupt terror plots, make it easier for police to limit the movements of a suspect, expand no-fly list powers, crack down on terrorist propaganda and remove barriers to sharing security-related information.

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Protests against the bill were held in dozens of communities across Canada this weekend.

Mulcair says he would repeal “every offending provision” of the bill if the NDP formed government.

More to come. 

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