WATCH: Stray dog helps rescue litter of 10 puppies

It’s a tale of true heroism and great empathy.

Animal rescuers in Dallas, Texas had been attempting to rescue an abandoned black dog for weeks.

But on Tuesday, the rescuers were greeted by the dog barking incessantly at them.

“He’s never acted like that before and I was worried that maybe he was sick or something happened to him,” rescuer Marina Tarashevsce told CBS.

Dog behaviourist John Miller told his colleague to follow the dog.

They followed him deep into the woods, when all of a sudden they heard the yelps of newborn puppies.

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“Puppies! We have puppies!” Exclaimed Miller.

Ten cold puppies and one exhausted mom were found by a burnt tree near a muddy creek.

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The puppies and their mom, plus the abandoned dog now aptly named Hero are all safe and sound in a foster home.

Those involved seem to think the story is almost too good to be true.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Miller. “I’ve heard about stuff like this but it was awesome to witness it.”

“This story is absolutely amazing,” said Tarashevsce. “It really is a miracle.”

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