Stewart toddler with leukemia has Monster Truck-sized surprise

WATCH: A three-year-old boy who’s spent a good part of his life fighting leukemia got a “monster” of a surprise today. Nadia Stewart reports.

Ever since three-year-old Jayden Desa was diagnosed with leukemia last year, his life has been one of constant change.

Moving from Stewart to Vancouver. Beginning chemotherapy. Having constant treatment at Ronald McDonald house.

“It’s hard to process that news, and they’re telling you you’re being flown out to Vancouver and have no idea when we would be coming back,” said his mom Shauna.

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But today, Jayden and his family were able to celebrate thanks to the Starlight Children’s Foundation. A fan of monster trucks, Jayden met Monster Jam world champion Cam McQueen – in town for the Maple Leaf Monster Jam Tour – and had his room entirely redecorated.

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“For myself as a parent, to just be able to have a small part of that and maybe bring one smile to Jayden’s face, that means a lot to me,” said his dad David.

“It’s so neat for your kid be just a normal kid for a bit,” said Shuana.

“Just playing and forgetting about the cancer for a little while.”

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