February 22, 2015 3:14 pm
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A journalist’s voyage inside the head of ISIS


Watch: Graeme Wood, a contributing editor with The Atlantic, recently published an in-depth look at ISIS, the ideology behind it and what the group really wants.

Graeme Wood travelled the world, piecing together the puzzle that is the Islamic State. He spoke with its disciples and its scholars.

He pored through its history and that of Islam, and produced a new and profoundly different picture of this movement than the West has seen before.

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The results of Wood’s investigation are in the pages of this month’s The Atlantic.

In an interview on The West Block with Tom Clark, Wood, a contributing editor at The Atlantic,  explained some of what he learned.

What does ISIS want?

“The Islamic State wants a global caliphate. It wants to expand inexorably. It wants to convince all Muslims to join its side and to convert as many non-Muslims as possible.”

Is ISIS a threat to Canada?

“I think it would be dangerous to say [the threat] is isolated to Iraq, Syria and Libya. But it would also be seriously alarmist to suggest that there is some kind of existential threat to Canada, for example.”

“I think it’s accurate to say they’ve declared war on Canada. They openly say so. There’s not even a question about that. But you have to ask, if you’ve got a small group without much reach, in from an impoverished place with not that much power, saying that it’s going to attack a member of NATO on a different continent, how seriously do we really need to take that?”

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