Canada Remembers Our Heroes air show set to soar in 2015

Watch above: The Canada Remembers Our Heroes annual event will again soar. Aaron Streck tells us the tribute to our veterans will again include an air show.

SASKATOON – They’ve dealt with rain outs, run way construction, coordination problems and multiple venues; now to mark the 20th anniversary of the first Canada Remembers Our Heroes Air Show, organizers are taking back to the sky this July at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway.

“It wasn’t created to be an air show, it was created to be a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II and that theme has held true from day on,” said Canada Remembers Our Heroes volunteer director Brian Swidrovich.

“We’re honoured to be able to continue to do that and respect the fact that it happens to be an air show but the theme of the event is much more important to that.”

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Despite the ups and downs of the event, it’s become an important tribute Second World War veteran Reg Harrison looks forward to and wouldn’t miss for the world.

“In August I’ll be 93-years-old so I feel fortunate to still be here and I think of all of those that never had the opportunity to come back and get married and raise a family like the rest of us did, those are things that come to mind when situations like this arise,” said Harrison.

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It’s also proven to be a reunion of sorts.

“We always look forward to the air show and we have for years now and you get to meet a lot of the veterans, old buddies you hadn’t seen for years, you don’t see them for the whole year except at the air show,” said Korea War veteran Jim McKinny.

Wednesday’s announcement also came with word that Auto Clearing Motor Speedway will offer free admission for those who serve and have served our country.

“We want to make sure at pretty much every event we hold at the speedway, in some fashion or some way at some level, acknowledges the service and sacrifice of our law enforcement, our fire, emergency services and primarily our veterans and armed forces personnel,” said Swidrovich.

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Organizers hope for clear skies when the 2015 Canada Remembers Our Heroes Air Show takes off July 11-12.

For more information on other summer events, visit the Auto Clearing Motor Speedway.