Millionaire Monkey: Primate set to inherit millions

WATCH ABOVE: A couple in India plans to leave their property worth millions to an adopted monkey after they are gone.

TORONTO – Chunmun is one pampered monkey. His owners feed him his favourite food – chow mein burgers and pizza. When the Indian temperatures soar, he has his own air conditioning unit. But his life did not start out this way. After his mother died, Savista Brajesh felt sorry for Chunmun and adopted him. Brajesh and her husband consider Chunmun to be their child.

According to ANI News, the couple claims since Chunmun came into their lives, they started experiencing financial prosperity.

So the couple has decided to leave all their property and financial holdings – reportedly worth millions – to their adopted monkey. The trust – which includes a house, land and bank accounts — will also be used to help other monkeys in distress.

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Brajesh tells ANI News, “the trust will feed animals in the forests who are suffering and are starving due to cutting down of forests, and have been removed from their natural habitat,” Brajesh adds, “this trust will give food to all the wildlife animals in many locations.”

As for Chunmun, Brajesh said “he is like a son to us.”

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