Allison Vuchnich
Senior Network Correspondent

Award-winning journalist, storyteller and editorial leader, Allison Vuchnich has distinguished herself in daily news, health, enterprise and investigative reporting. Over decades of news coverage, Vuchnich has focused on journalism that benefits the communities it serves with accountability, integrity and tenacity.

Vuchnich joined Global News in Washington, D.C. where she covered 9/11, the war on terrorism and two presidential administrations. In Toronto, she continued to report for Global’s flagship network newscast, Global National and contributed to the current affairs show 16×9 as reporter, producer and supervisor of the team. She was also a full-time health reporter, while also taking on major network assignments such as the death of Pope John Paul II, covering a coup in Thailand, multiple federal elections and Olympic games.

While covering health, Vuchnich’s work focussed on inequities in healthcare, as well as innovations and medical advancements. She also found gaps in regulations, and her reporting led to changes in government policy enhancing health protections for consumers. In her investigative work, she brought to light the stories of scientists, who were willing to risk their safety against campaigns waged to silence them, in order to reveal hidden truths about chemicals with potentially dangerous health risks.

Most recently, Vuchnich helped to develop and lead Global’s current affairs program, The New Reality. Showcasing long-form, future-focused and multi-platform journalism, Vuchnich managed award-winning stories which explored difficult and complicated issues, including Indigenous reconciliation, the child welfare system, dementia and devastating wildfires.

As a Senior Network Correspondent, Vuchnich has been recognized with a Gemini award, numerous RTDNA awards and other accolades. In her role as a senior leader and editor, she has led teams which were recognized by the Canadian Screen Awards, the Hillman Foundation, Canadian Journalism Foundation and the Digital Publishing Awards.

Allison earned her MSJ at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University in Chicago. Before coming to Global, she also reported for ABC, NBC and CTV.


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