Derek Fildebrandt seeks Wildrose nomination in Strathmore-Brooks

ABOVE: Derek Fildebrandt joins Global Calgary to discuss his plans to seek nomination for the Wildrose in the riding of Strathmore-Brooks.

CALGARY – The former Alberta director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF)  is seeking nomination for the Wildrose party in the riding of Strathmore-Brooks.

Derek Fildebrandt made the announcement outside of the constituency office of PC MLA Jason Hale, who recently crossed the floor from the Wildrose.

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“People here feel betrayed by what their MLA has done to them. I feel betrayed by what their MLA has done to them, and that is why I want to be the MLA for Strathmore-Brooks,” said Fildebrandt.

Fildebrandt believes that his experience with the CTF will provide the public with a “principled alternative to the PC Party’s position of more taxes, more debt and fewer services.”

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“The PC’s spent the cupboards bare,” he added. “With a drop in oil prices and a belief that he faces no opposition, Jim Prentice thinks that he can make hard working Albertans pay the price for his party’s poor fiscal management.”

“Mr. Prentice wants families to pay more for less by imposing either a sales tax or higher income taxes, with more debt to boot.”

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