WATCH: B.C. fans sing of another Super Bowl win for the Seahawks in new video

WATCH: Blank Space – Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XLIX Song (Taylor Swift Parody) above.

VANCOUVER – According to some B.C. residents, the Seattle Seahawks are a shoo-in to win the Super Bowl on Feb. 1.

Clayton Imoo, Marie Hui and Arielle Tuliao worked together to create the video, called ‘Blank Space’ and set to the tune of Taylor Swift’s hit of the same name.

After the success of their Seahawks video last year, along with their numerous videos about the Vancouver Canucks, the trio knew they wanted to to another one this time around.

“So after the Seahawks beat Carolina two weeks ago, we started to talk about a song for this year,” says Imoo in an email interview. “And once the Hawks beat Green Bay, we decided on the song and the meeting time and place.”

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“Our main motivation is that we wanted to express our fandom and support from up here in Vancouver via something creative,” he adds. “We all love music and sports, so we enjoy combining the two. And to let the Seahawks know that they have plenty of fans up here north of the border.”

Imoo wrote the lyrics in one hour last Sunday night. He then emailed them to Hui and Tuliao and on Monday night they practiced the song and recorded it for YouTube.

“So one hour of writing, three hours of practice/set-up/shooting [and] two more hours of editing,” he says. “Six hours total!”

While Tuliao is not the biggest Seahawks fan, Hui and Imoo certainly are and have been following the team for years.

“As you know, all three of us are Canucks fans, hence the songs” says Imoo.

In terms of predictions for the Super Bowl on Feb. 1, Imoo says he think the Seahawks will take it, 27-23.

“I will be staying in town, either watching with my family or with friends,” he says. “[Hui] is going down to Phoenix. Although she doesn’t have tickets to the actual game, she will be partaking in some of the festivities.”

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