Asbestos scare at Saskatoon’s Cosmo Civic Centre

File photo. Saskatoon takes steps to speed up asbestos management program after trace amounts found at Cosmo Civic Centre. Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

SASKATOON – The city has filed a dangerous occurrence report with the province after trace amounts of asbestos were found on the mechanical room floor of the Cosmo Civic Centre. Remnants of chrysotile, an asbestos containing material, were found on Dec. 18, 2014.

City officials say at no time was the public in danger.

“We take the health and wellness of our employees, contractors and the public seriously,” said Kerry Tarasoff, the city’s general manager for asset & financial management. “Once it was detected at the worksite, we took immediate steps to protect workers and patrons from any further potential exposure risk.”

The heating and cooling systems in the mechanical room at the facility have been under renovation since May 2014. Officials say the room was immediately sealed off and labelled to prevent entry.

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An investigation has been launched.

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“It is the expectation that if asbestos is present at a worksite, that it should be reported and removed or shielded appropriately as the work proceeds,” said Tarasoff.

Employees and contractors were notified and independent air quality testing was conducted, which came back negative. Tests found 0.0002 fibres/cubic centimetre of asbestos; the safety standard for exposure is 0.01 fibres/cubic centimetre.

A certified asbestos contractor was brought in to dispose of the material and clean the room.

City officials say they have met with employees who may have accessed the mechanical room during the renovation and are assisting with the filing of any workers compensation claims. A dangerous occurrence report has also been filed with the Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety.

The city says it is also accelerating its asbestos management program, which reviews civic facilities that may contain asbestos. So far 49 of 55 buildings have been reviewed and of the remaining six buildings, hazard signs will be installed in service areas until formal inspections take place.

A list of Saskatoon civic facilities with asbestos containing materials files with Saskatchewan’s asbestos registry:

Building NameAddressYear BuiltAsbestos Present
A. Holmes Park Rec Unit915 Avenue D North1972Encapsulated
A.C.T. Arena107 – 105th Street East1978Encapsulated
Adelaide Park10 MacKenzie Crescent1965Encapsulated
Albert Community Centre610 Clarence Avenue South1912Encapsulated
Albert School Rec Unit502 Clarence Avenue South1966Encapsulated
Archibald McDonald Park3110 Massey Drive1972Encapsulated
Auditorium (FFP&Z)1903 Forest Drive1947Encapsulated
Blacksmith Shop (FFP&Z) Storage shed west of Lunch Room1903 Forest DriveCirca 1940Encapsulated
Bowerman House1328 Avenue K South1908Encapsulated
Brevoort Park2625 Early Drive / Webb Crescent1968Encapsulated
Buena Vista Park Rec Unit310 – 7th Street East1937Encapsulated
City Hall South222 3rd Avenue North1956Encapsulated
College Park/Dr. G. Herzberg Park/Rec Unit133 Champion Crescent1972Encapsulated
Cosmo Civic Centre3130 Laurier Drive1978Encapsulated
Cosmopolitan Seniors Centre614 – 11th Street East1960Encapsulated
Dr. Seager Wheeler Park2230 Richardson Road1972Encapsulated
Eastview/James Anderson Park Rec Unit1140 East Centre1971Encapsulated
Fire Hall #1125 Idylwyld Drive South1967Encapsulated
Fire Hall #5421 Central Avenue1967Encapsulated
Fire Maintenance Building125 Idylwyld Drive South1963Encapsulated
Frances Morrison Library311 – 23rd Street East1965Encapsulated
G.D. Archibald Memorial Park1810 Prince of Whales1968Encapsulated
George Ward Pool Bldg.1915 – 5th Street East1965Encapsulated
Gordie Howe Chnge Rm HP1525 Avenue P South1963Encapsulated
Greystone Heights Park2711 Main Street1962Encapsulated
Harold Tatler Park Rec Unit2520 Jarvis Drive1960Encapsulated
Harry Bailey Aquatic Centre1110 Idylywld Drive North1975Encapsulated
Henry Kelsey Park24 Valens Drive1976Encapsulated
Holiday Park Golf Clubhouse163 Avenue U South1962Encapsulated
Holliston Park Rec Unit1321 3rd Street1960Encapsulated
John Deere Bldg450 Ontario Avenue1960Encapsulated
John Lake Park / Avalon Rec Unit2620 Broadway Avenue1962Encapsulated
JS Wood Branch Library1801 Landsdowne Avenue1960Encapsulated
Kilburn WR/Stor. Bldg1510 Kilburn Avenue1969Encapsulated
Mendel Art Gallery950 Spadina Crescent East1964Encapsulated
Mount Royal Park433 Ave T N / Rusholme Rd1960Encapsulated
Office Building (FFP&Z) Old Main Office1903 Forest Drive1916Encapsulated
Optimist Park1110 – 19th Street West1959Encapsulated
Pleasant Hill Park210 Avenue U South1967Encapsulated
Police Station130 – 4th Avenue North1976Encapsulated
Saskatoon Field House2020 College Drive1979Encapsulated
Sifton Park – CLOSED415 Whitney Avenue North1964Encapsulated
St. Andrews Park801 Avenue M South1965Encapsulated
St.John/ Boughton Park Rec Unit1320 Avenue P South1966Encapsulated
Supervisor’s Office/Lunch Room (FFP&Z)1903 Forest DriveCirca 1940Encapsulated
Surveyor Bldg. (City Yd)333 Ontario Avenue1955Encapsulated
Sutherland Hall1112 Central Avenue1957Encapsulated
TCU Place35 – 22nd Street East1968Encapsulated
Trades Offices & Greenhouse (Ave P)1101 Avenue P North1931Encapsulated
Transit Admin & Maint. Bldg. South301 – 24th Street West1948Encapsulated
Transit Repair Terminal North315 – Avenue C North1948Encapsulated
W W Ashley Park814 2nd St E / Albert Ave1958Encapsulated
Weaver Park515 Adelaide Street1962Encapsulated
Wolf Shelter (FFP&Z)1903 Forest Drive1971Encapsulated
Workshop/Change (Nutana Kiwanis)3003 Porter Street1970Encapsulated
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