Your Sunday Say: January 11

Watch above: Find out which story Global Montreal’s viewers had the most to say about this week on Your Say. Global’s Rachel Lau has more.

MONTREAL – Global Montreal focuses on telling your stories, local news that has a particular impact on the city’s many communities.

Find out which story Global Montreal’s viewers had the most to say about this week on Your Say:

International stories certainly took the main stage this week, with the mass shooting in Paris and terrorism suspects in Ottawa.

But for some here at home, what’s the most worrisome is the frigid temperatures – especially when it comes to those sleeping on the streets.

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Global’s Aalia Adam discovered the winter reality when it comes to Montreal’s homeless – buried in sleeping bags and blankets trying to keep warm in minus 20 or even minus 30 degree weather.

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Now, shelters are hoping to come up with a better plan to keep the city’s homeless safe and get them back on their feet.

They want to install temporary warming stations that can be set up in the metro stations or even in churches across the city.

“To have a small space that is warm and during the night with surveillance, with policemen and social workers of our teams who could at least be better than sleeping in the cold at 30 degrees like we had this week,” said Francine Côté with CSSS Jeanne-Mance.

WATCH: Sleeping rough in Montreal winters

Global News asked our viewers ‘do you think these temporary shelters are a good solution to help our homeless?’

Steve Karmazenuk – “How about permanent public housing that allows them a base of operations from which to get back on their feet, instead?”

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Karen Snair – “Yes – provided they are monitored and the homeless would be willing to use them. The last thing we need is for these temporary shelters to become places where drugs and all other illegal activities occur.”

Jaqui Poser – “They must be monitored!”

MissJay Johnson – “Yes!..great idea.”

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