Montreal vigils held in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo victims

Watch above: Montrealers are showing their solidarity with the victims of the deadly attack in Paris. Elysia Bryan Baynes reports.

MONTREAL —  A vigil was held outside Montreal City Hall Wednesday evening to show solidarity with the people of France.

Hundreds gathered below a banner reading “Je suis Charlie.” The banner and a flag at half mast will remain at city hall for the next few days.

Politicians, journalists, spiritual leaders and a chorus of Montrealers from various backgrounds held candles and chanted.

“We’re sending a strong message that Montreal is speaking as one with the people of France,” Mayor Denis Coderre told reporters outside city hall Wednesday.

Several hours later, thousands met in front of the French consulate on McGill College Avenue for another vigil.

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Caroline Locher from the Quebec Federation of Professional Journalists hopes reporters and cartoonists won’t censor their message out of fear of retaliation.

“That’s what we have to remember, is that we can disagree, we can find it obscene in poor taste but we cannot prevent them from writing or drawing. Censorship is not the solution. If we have censorship our whole democracy goes into darkness.”

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