CAA wait times reach 10 hours

WINNIPEG — If you turned your key in the ignition and the car’s engine didn’t jump to life you may have had a long wait for help.

CAA wait times were the highest they’ve been since December of 2013 due to Monday’s extreme cold temperatures.

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“We are up to 16 hours. That is at the worst case scenario we’ll get to you within 16 hours. We triage our calls so depending on what your situation is, where you are in the province it will differ from that,” says spokesperson for CAA Angele Young. Wait times later in the afternoon dropped to 10 hours.

Tow truck contractors from across the province have been called in to the city to help CAA but it isn’t enough. “There just aren’t physically enough tow truck drivers in the province of Manitoba to deal with all these car issues,” says Young.

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CAA responded to more than two thousand calls on Sunday.

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