Heroic Calgarian saves a Canadian couple from drowning in Mexico

A Calgary woman is being credited with saving the lives of a Canadian couple.

It happened over the Christmas holidays while Tamara Loiselle was vacationing in Cancun, Mexico.

One day, while walking along the beach earlier than her normal routine, she heard a man screaming for his life.

The waters were rough and from the shore she could see a couple being dragged down by the undercurrent.

Loiselle grabbed a rope and life preserver and jumped into the ocean.

She reached the man first, who told her to go to his girlfriend who was struggling and was close to giving up.

“I could see a woman – her face gasping for air, trying to move her arms. She was exhausted, so I grabbed her. We all hung on,” said Loiselle.

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The couple, from Montreal, wants to remain anonymous.

In fact, they haven’t shared this close call with their family and don’t plan on it for fear of causing unnecessary worry.

But they have since been in touch with the Calgary woman and wrote her a heartfelt note of gratitude.

The couple has also spoken with Loiselle over the phone.

“She said I thought I was dying and saw your face and thought you were an angel and that was just really really touching.”

The couple has invited Loiselle to spend some time with them in Montreal.

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