Saskatchewan’s cold snap keeps many local businesses busy

The cold snap kept tow truck drivers in Regina busy boosting car batteries and towing vehicles.

REGINA – Around half of Saskatchewan remained under an extreme cold warning Sunday which impacted a number of businesses across the province.

With the wind chill, temperatures dipped below the minus 40 degree mark in some areas including Regina.

The cold snap kept tow truck drivers in the city busy boosting car batteries and towing vehicles.

Most companies said the frigid weather kept them working around the clock responding to calls since Friday night.

Theo Welz is a truck operator with ABC Central Towing and said most people were dealing with dead batteries from not plugging in their cars overnight.

“I would guess in the last two days we’ve probably done 150 to about 200 boosts,” he explained.  “With the cold snap coming on so fast, a lot of semis don’t have a chance but we’ll boost almost everything from ambulances, taxis, buses, everything.”

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Meantime homeless shelters in the province were also busy helping many find refuge from the frigid cold.

The Lighthouse Supported Living and Salvation Army in Saskatoon provided emergency assistance including warm meals, drinks and a place to stay to those in need.

Malba Holliday with the Salvation Army said the shelter was full Sunday but they set up extra cots to meet the demand and created a special facility to make sure nobody was left in the cold.

“We started a warm room this year, just back a couple of weeks ago.  From six o’clock in the evening to 11 o’clock at night, if folks just want to come in, stay out of the cold, that’s for anybody,” she explained.  “Male, female, families, they can just come in, play some games, and do that kind of stuff.”

The cold spell also affected skiers in the province with Mission Ridge Winter Park closing down for the week.

According to the park’s website, the hill closed Sunday due to the excessive wind chill and is expected to reopen Friday for night riding.


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