WATCH: The best videos of 2014 – Part Two

As you saw in part one of the best videos of the year, 2014 featured some incredible moments caught on camera. There were so many great videos from the year, here’s the rest of the best videos of 2014 to close out the year.

Paying tribute to a hero

Kevin Vickers became a household name after his heroic actions during an attack on Parliament Hill in October.

A day after the attack, members of Parliament stood and applauded their Sergeant-at-Arms, Kevin Vickers, as he entered the House of Commons, as seen in the above video.

Vickers entered the House as he always does, carrying the ceremonial mace. Obviously emotional, he nodded briefly in response to the applause before taking his seat. After a speech, Prime Minister Stephen Harper walked across the House to shake Vickers’ hand.

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All creatures great and small

A video showing a mother bear pulling her cub off a busy British Columbia highway warmed the hearts of people around the world–even the professional tornado chaser who filmed it.

Global Edmonton Weather Specialist Mike Sobel  was caught off-guard during a Morning News forecast in October,  when four-legged Ripple decided he couldn’t wait for his adoption segment and it was time to play with Sobel.

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In a matter of hours, the pair were Internet sensations. Ripple was adopted about a week later.

In one of the best boxing matches of the year, two male kangaroos went tail-to-tail in an epic marsupial battle — and it was all captured on video.

The video, posted to YouTube in September, shows the two large animals fighting for more than five minutes in a New South Wales neighbourhood.

Thousands of ducks took over a rural street in Thailand in June, in what has been described as a “revolt.”

Jack Saranthat, who uploaded the video, told the Bangkok Post a farmer was taking the ducks to the end of the road in search of food.

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Colton Wright got the surprise of his life when he came home to find an owl inside his Texas home in June.

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Unsure of how to remove the owl, Wright got his cellphone out and filmed the hilarious ordeal which went viral.

After 40 minutes of hysterics he was able to “compromise” with the owl and get it to perch on a Swiffer and slowly lower it out through a window.

Greenpeace USA set up a GoPro camera in Montana’s Glacier National Park in August to shoot a timelapse of the incredible landscape to raise awareness about the effects of global warming on glaciers, but instead, an inquisitive marmot strolled up to the camera.

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What the devil?

This may be the strangest video posted this year.  A statue of Satan was erected alongside a busy Vancouver roadway in September.

The rogue art installation had commuters doing a devilish double-take for a few hours before city crews removed the large red, anatomically “complete” statue.

Trouble at home

A mansion in Texas captured people’s attention in 2014 as it precariously dangled off a cliff for a few days in June.

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The owners vacated the 4000 square-foot home, which sits 75-feet above Lake Whitney in Hill County, after a crack in the cliff was discovered.

To prevent the luxury home from falling into the lake below, the home was set on fire and burned down to its foundation.

A house in Brentwood, New Hampshire exploded on live television in May.  But the explosion didn’t tell the larger story occurring inside.

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According to the New Hampshire Union Leader, there was an exchange of gunfire between police and someone in the house.

The house somehow caught on fire and was soon engulfed in flames. A news helicopter for ABC affiliate WCVB was broadcasting live when the house exploded.

A 48-year-old officer who was shot during the incident had died from his injuries. The shooter, reported to be the son of the owner of the house, died in the explosion.

Dangerous Driving

In the surveillance video above, the person driving the grey SUV is seen struggling while trying back out of a parking lot and avoid parked cars.

The driver ends up hitting the red car behind it but keeps going, still having a hard time driving out of the lot.

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Cst. Jeremy Shaw even went as far as to call the driver of the grey SUV ‘Calgary’s worst driver’ in a tweet on Twitter, after the hit and run.

The driver captured on video received a $115 ticket from Calgary police.

Ralph Ireland was cruising down the highway in northern Ontario when out of nowhere, a pickup with a trailer drove right into his path.

Ireland’s dashcam captured the terrifying collision, which shows the driver of the pickup talking on his phone.

The footage also shows that had the impact happened a split-second earlier, Ireland could have driven right into the cabin of the pickup truck, seriously injuring the driver and himself.

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Both drivers walked away with minor injuries.

Getting your groove on

A couple of viral dance videos stood out it 2014.  First, this Korean baby busted a move to more than 14 million views on YouTube in 2014.

The little girl cranks out the moves early in the video while her brother had some issues feeling the vibe. Probably because it appears he had some issues with his underwear.

A Toronto Police Officer was caught in a dancing mood at the Beaches Jazz Fest in July.

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The police officer dances up a storm for a full two minutes while being slyly filmed by a festival-goer.

But being on duty with a gun at his side didn’t stop the officer from enjoying the soca music and jumping and waving along with a handful of other spectators.

Game show greatness and sadness

A pair of game show moments stood on in 2014. One for it’s cleverness and the other for its epic fail.

Ari Voukydis’ Final Jeopardy answer didn’t help him win on his episode of “Jeopardy!”, but it helped him win the internet the day after the episode aired.

Voukydis, a comedy writer from Los Angeles, had no chance of catching the defending champion entering Final Jeopardy so his focus shifted from winning to another goal.

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Onto the feud and an epic fail that has to be seen to be believed. 18 points. That’s all the Sass family needed to win Family Feud and $20,000. 18 points.
Well, watch and learn. It’s not always easy to win on a game show.

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