Vote on anti-discrimination statement fuelled decision: Danielle Smith

WATCH ABOVE: We are now learning about how this deal went down, and who some of the players were. As Gary Bobrovitz explains, it’s clear this was a carefully planned out strategy. 

EDMONTON – The former leader of Alberta’s Opposition Wildrose says one of the major reasons she crossed the floor was because her party voted down a proposed anti-discrimination statement.

Speaking Thursday morning with Andrew Grose on 630 CHED, Danielle Smith said that a group within the Wildrose wanted to teach her a lesson for walking in a gay pride parade.

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Smith said a portion of the party wants to go in the opposite direction she wanted to lead it. Smith crossed over to the governing P-Cs on Wednesday, along with eight of her caucus members.

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It has now been confirmed officials with the Wildrose party made the initial overtures to the PCs about the deal.

Danielle Smith said it will be up to Prentice to decide if she gets a spot in cabinet, but she has asked him to consider her for a meaningful role.

Smith said she does plan to run again in Highwood in the next election, and will tell her constituents that it would be irresponsible to vote in a new government because of dropping oil prices and a multi-billion-dollar budget shortfall.

The MLA defections to the PC party have caused outrage among a number of Wildrose party supporters. A group of former Danielle Smith supporters have now launched a petition for her to be recalled over what they call her political betrayal.

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