Tipping at Christmas time: Who should you tip and how much?

WATCH: `Tis the season to recognize year-round good service with some extra cash. But who do you tip and how much? Samantha Falk reports.

VANCOUVER – It’s a busy and expensive time of year, but it is also the perfect time to show your appreciation to those who provide you with a regular service throughout the year.

But who should you tip and how much?

Experts have different opinions on the subject and realize it can be an awkward decision to make.

“You should be tipping all of the people that you are seeing on a regular basis,” said Carey McBeth, etiquette expert.

WATCH: Etiquette expert Carey Mcbeth has more do’s and don’ts of the holiday season.

That includes your housekeeper, hairdresser, personal trainer, childcare provider and dog walker. As a general rule, consider the equivalent of one session or one service as a tip. Some experts say for those who perform a service for you on a very regular basis, consider a week’s pay as a tip.

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But remember, these are just guidelines.

“Obviously you need to give what is acceptable to you,” said McBeth. She has some holiday guidelines to help you decide what to tip.

For example:

Hairstylist, trainer, aesthetician and other service providers: Consider giving a tip equal to the value of one visit. This only applies to people you see regularly. Otherwise a 15%-20% tip per visit, without the holiday bonus, is standard.

Boss: It is NOT necessary to give a gift to your boss. Should you feel compelled, consider an “office gift” from all employees.

Teachers: Organize a “class gift” from all children, and don’t forget about the teacher’s aide!

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