Parents and politicians hoping kids will get more active

Parents and politicians are taking kids activity levels seriously. On Wednesday, the federal government passed Bill S-11, declaring the first Saturday in June, National Health and Fitness day.

Senator Nancy Greene Raine and M.P. John Weston backed the bill.

“What it really means for Canada is we will now have a day to focus on health and fitness every year.”

“It’s to say to the leaders in our country at the local level you can make a difference by making your community a leader and showing the rest of us how to follow suit.”

Calgary dad-blogger, Buzz Bishop has a suggestion for local leaders who want to help get kids moving. Encourage them to walk.

According to the City of Calgary’s most recent transportation survey, the number of kids “actively” getting to and from school has dropped dramatically.

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In 2001, over a third of Calgary children were actively getting to school by either walking or riding a bike. The rest were taking the bus or getting a ride. In 2011, the number of kids biking or walking to school has dropped to just over 20%.

Participation says children should be getting sixty minutes of activity each day but that is only happening 5% of the time.

In its 2014 report, Active Healthy Kids Canada gave Canadian kids a D under the Active Transportation Category.


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