Random acts of Christmas kindness

ABOVE: Watch one of many acts of Christmas kindness as Santa helps make a 3-year-old’s wish to see her soldier dad come true.

TORONTO – Stories of random acts of kindness are reported in the news all year long. Who could forget the Starbucks in Florida that went an entire day over the summer with people “paying it forward” by buying coffee for others? What about the hidden cash phenomenon that started in California, and spread Toronto, Vancouver and Edmonton, with people hiding large sums of money for others to find. But around the holidays, stories of people doing amazing things for strangers tend to ramp up.

To celebrate the good in the world, we wanted to highlight a few of these recent wonderful acts that caught our attention and made our hearts grow.

Toronto teenager helps out grandmother

A teenager in Toronto shocked a grandmother by buying her special needs grandson a Toronto Raptors toque when she couldn’t afford both it and a hat for him.

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“It’s amazing. Of course, it’s just something that doesn’t happen to an old lady. Especially when a young boy does something nice for an old lady, don’t you think that’s wonderful?” Pat Montgomerie told Global News about the act.

Maybe the Raptors should pay it forward by sending this awesome teen a pair of tickets to a game for Christmas?

Dying girl gets (lots of) Christmas cards

After her family received news that this would most likely be her last Christmas, six-year-old Addie Fausett’s grandmother posted a message on Facebook asking for people to send Christmas cards to the little girl to cheer her up.

Addie, who is dying from an undiagnosed illness, has been receiving an average of 1,200 Christmas cards a day from people all around the world since the message was posted.

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Find out how you can send her a card by visiting the Cards for Addie Facebook page.

Michigan police pull people over for a good reason

Police in Lowell, Michigan recently pulled drivers over, not to give them a ticket, but to surprise them with presents.

In a video posted on YouTube, officers are heard asking motorists what their kids wanted for Christmas and whether they had finished all their shopping. Helpers, waiting at a nearby store, then bought the gifts and brought them back to the vehicles to be delivered to the shocked motorists.

The Lowell Police Department said it has been receiving messages from around the world about the video.

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Waitress gets new car as tip

A Cracker Barrel waitress in Branson, Missouri who apparently left an impression on a couple that frequented her restaurant over the summer was “tipped” a 2008 Ford Fusion.

Cindy Grady was driving a badly damaged Hyundai Accent that reportedly had a couple of run-ins with deer. Gary and Roxann Tickett thought she deserved something better.

“We’ve been watching you drive that car all summer,” Mr. Tickett says to Cindi in a video of the surprise posted to Facebook. “Merry Christmas,” he says as she gives him a big hug.

Police officer takes 73-year-old widow shopping

A police officer in Texas helped a 73-year-old widow by taking her grocery shopping for American Thanksgiving.

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Officer John Holder and Dorothy Shepard met over the summer when Holder was sent to check on her after Shepard had surgery. He has been helping her out ever since by taking her to appointments and on shopping trips while off duty.

Their friendship became public when a photograph of the two shopping was posted online.

“I know police officers, but I never expected him to be that kind,” Shepard told WFAA.

Lethbridge woman arranges surprise for random Walmart customer

Lethbridge’s Brianne Chabay posted a message on Facebook near the end of November asking people to come out to a Walmart with her to help a customer who could use a little extra money this holiday season.

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Over 50 people showed up, each with $20 to spare. They found a woman with two kids they felt deserved it and surprised her as she was checking out.

“I feel like I’m going to pass out. I’m in shock,” Brandy Addy said about the gift. “We actually ran into financial trouble… this is going to help a lot.”

Garbage man surprises 4-year-old with toy

Four-year-old Liam Sadler’s favourite truck is the garbage truck. Every Monday, he presses his nose against the window of his home in Evansville, Indiana to watch the garbage truck stop by his house.

However, this Monday was special. Garbage truck driver Brad Wirth came by to surprise Liam with a toy garbage truck of his very own.

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“It was really touching and heartfelt,” said Liam’s father Eric Sadler to 14 News.

“I’m just glad I was able to make his day,” said Wirth.

Do you have a random act of Christmas kindness story to share? Leave a comment below or on our Facebook page.

-with files from Jenny Sung

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