Tens of thousands gather in Montreal, Quebec City for anti-austerity protest

Watch above: Demonstrations were held in Montreal and Quebec City to protest the Liberal government’s proposed budget cuts.

MONTREAL – Tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered in Montreal and Quebec City Saturday afternoon to protest the Liberal government’s austerity budget.

Community organizations, student groups and politicians are objecting the government’s plan to cut $4 billion from the provincial budget.

WATCH: Raw footage of the anti-austerity protest in Montreal

The government plans to do this by reorganizing the healthcare and daycare systems, as well as cutting many other services.

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On Friday, the government announced fertility treatments would be the next program to see cuts in the new budget.

Unlike in many previous demonstrations Collectif Refusons L’austerité, the organizers of Saturday’s protest, gave police advance warning of their route.

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Several bus routes were affected by the demonstration.

A few protesters separated from the group’s original route, but the demonstration remained peaceful.

There were no arrests.

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