Outburst outside courtroom, after sex assault appearance

WATCH ABOVE: Global’s Nancy Hixt reports on the court appearance by the two men charged and tries to talk to their father outside the court house

CALGARY- Two brothers accused in a brutal sexual assault and kidnapping of a teenage girl will remain behind bars for at least another week.

And a third man is now involved , the father of the accused.

Emotions were running high at court Friday.

Henry Whitford, the father of the accused, was leaving the Calgary courts centre after seeing his two sons make an appearance, charged with the violent sexual assault of a 17 year old girl.

Global News tried to ask him details about the attack two weeks ago but he declined and batted away a microphone being held by Global Calgary reporter Nancy Hixt.

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Whitford’s sons, Corey and Cody Manyshots are charged with sexual assault and kidnapping.

The teenage girl was taken from a northeast Calgary bus stop, dragged to a nearby alley before being taken to a home in Martindale, where she was repeatedly sexually assaulted.

Whitford, who is 67 year’s old, is the third person being questioned in connection with the case and has a criminal history.

In February 2013, Whitford pled guilty to allowing an animal to be in distress. Officials found his dog Nicky with a rubber band embedded in the flesh on its neck.

Whitford’s two son’s remain behind bars. So far only one of them, Corey, has a lawyer.

When arrested Corey was already under an order to undergo treatment for domestic violence, alcohol and substance abuse, and anger issues.

The defence is waiting on disclosure in the case but may apply for bail in the weeks to come.

“I imagine I will eventually but I don’t want to do it unless I’m well prepared because the charges are serious and there’s potential to be held for a long time before there’s a trial,” Mark Takada, Corey Manyshots lawyer said.

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Police continue to investigate what role, if any, Whitford played in the horrific attack.

The brothers will be back in court Thursday December 4th.

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