Program gives those with disabilities the chance to produce music

TORONTO- Music Without Barriers is a program that provides those who have physical, financial and cognitive barriers the chance to express themselves through music.

Adrian Moody is a Toronto based musician, producer, and the co-founder of Music Without Barriers and said the program is about “collaborating with a community of people that have specific needs to make music that can’t really be done.”

This organization breaks down barriers by giving everyone a chance and fosters collaborations between professional musicians, technology, science and people with disabilities.

One of the children that Moody works with is Joey Spahn, a young boy that uses a speaking device.

“Joseph was born with cerebral Palsy, due to a birth injury,” says Joey’s mom Carolyn Spahn. “We’ve never treated him differently than any of our other children. He continues to make us proud, he continues to lead the way and we follow him.”

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Joey started his musical journey while attending Paul Alcamo’s integrated kindergarten program at Bloorview School.

“He has the ability to express himself using his speaking device. He’s quite mature for any child I’ve ever seen come through our program,” said Alcamo. “He started to write things that were very poetic, and I started to think, I better write some of this stuff down because this could be a song.”

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