Leaked email looks to offer N.B. work contracts to Liberal supporters

FREDERICTON, N.B. – New Brunswick Opposition Leader Bruce Fitch released a leaked email to reporters Wednesday morning saying it insinuates patronage is already happening within the new Liberal government.

“It is the usual practice that upon a change in government road work contracts are made available to supporters of the government in power,” the email reads.

It continues to say Ian Pelkey of Cathy Roger’s office was inquiring about such companies.

Myer Rabin of Forté Law in Moncton, and also the president of the Riverview riding association, wrote the email, which was sent on Nov.10, and says it was just giving an “opportunity to companies that may not have had a chance to bid on projects with the previous government.”

Rabin also said there was nothing “nefarious” in the email. He’s concerned with a leak in his executive council, as he says that’s who the email was sent to.

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But Fitch says it proves the new government is “looking to take care of Liberal friends.”

“If this has started this early in the mandate, what’s going to happen from here?” he said.

Minister of Transportation Roger Melanson says the government is not supporting patronage practices.

“I haven’t seen the email and people probably have different interpretations,” he said. “What I’m saying though, is our new government, lead by Premier Gallant , wants to see this done on a merit base.”


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