Quebec to cut superhospital specialists by 10%

MONTREAL- Montreal’s new superhospital is being forced to shrink its manpower.

The MUHC has a directive to cut ten per cent of it’s workforce, including  some medical specialists.

The provincial  government wants to put more money into local health services. A plan, health minister Gaetan Barette says has been in place for almost a decade.

“The superhospital is not a migration of the Royal Victoria and the General Hospital to the Glen Yeards,” Barette told reporteres at the National Assembly.

“It’s a new building, that will have less services.”

Administrators at the MUHC say that will likely translate to 85 few jobs at the superhospital.

“Nobody will lose their job. It will be done by attrition,” explained MUHC Medical Affairs Associate Director General, Dr. Ewa Sidorowicz.

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The move is meant to spread specialist care to the suburbs; and for the superhospital to be saved for 3rd and 4th line care, research, teaching and academia.

But Sidorowicz worries how that will work with MUHC doctors split over four sites, once the superhospital opens in 2015.

“We will have to work closer with our partners, but the concern right now is that we don’t know how it will work and how we will be able to recruit.”

Administrators at the MUHC say the government though is open to hearing their thoughts.

They say they plan on submitting a response to the governments plan soon.