WATCH: Residents of Maple Ridge dealing with flooding following heavy rain

WATCH ABOVE: Raw video of some of the flooding in Maple Ridge.

VANCOUVER – Some residents of Maple Ridge are dealing with severe flooding this morning.

Lloyd Davy, who has lived in the area of 224 Street and 136 Avenue for about five years, told Global News that he spotted Steelhead Salmon swimming along the drainage ditch near his house, which is 800 metres away from the river.

“This is incredible and it’s getting worse,” he said, adding that he has asked City Hall to reinforce the river banks but so far, they have not done anything.

He is very concerned all the water is going to damage his house.

“Very scared,” he said. “I’ve bought this house for $500,000, I’ve put $100,000 into it, and now what’s going to happen? Am I just going to get flooded out and it’s worth nothing?”

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Environment Canada says Maple Ridge saw more than 50 millimetres of rain fall overnight.

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