Paterson replaces out-going Gerretsen as mayor of Kingston

Kingston City hall during sunset in downtown Kingston, Ontario, on July 19, 2012. THE CANADIAN PRESS IMAGES/Lars Hagberg

Bryan Paterson has been elected as Kingston’s new mayor with 37 per cent of the vote.

Paterson, 37, is a one-term city councillor representing the Trillium District and economics professor at Royal Military College.

He defeated Dorothy Hector and Rick Downes, who each had roughly 24 per cent of the vote, to replace out-going mayor Mark Gerretsen.

Elsewhere in Ontario, John Tory beat out candidates Doug Ford and Olivia in Toronto, while Linda Jeffrey won in Brampton and Bonnie Crombie was elected as mayor in Mississauga.

In Hamilton, Fred Eisenberger was elected as mayor with roughly 40 per cent of the vote.

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