Live Brampton election results in the 2014 mayoral race

Live Brampton election results – 2014
Brampton Mayor Susan Fennell addresses concerns about her expenses during a Brampton Council Meeting on April 9, 2014. Rick Madonik/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Voters in Brampton, Ont., have elected a new mayor. Linda Jeffrey defeated scandal-plagued incumbent Susan Fennell.

“Tonight the voters of Brampton have spoken, and with your help we have turned a new page,” Jeffrey told a cheering crowd.

UPDATE: Linda Jeffrey elected as mayor of Brampton

Global News has election results for Brampton’s mayoral race below.


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(For complete Brampton election results, visit the city’s website here.)

Fennell had served as Brampton’s mayor since 2000, winning re-election in 2003, 2006 and 2010. However, in this election, it appeared early on that re-election was out of reach.

Fennell was polling behind former councillor and MPP Linda Jeffrey and current city councillor John Sanderson, and poll numbers suggested a comeback for the mayor is simply out of reach. A Mainstreet Technologies poll released last week showed Jeffrey with 34 per cent of the vote, Sanderson with 27 and Fennell with 11.

“Mayor Fennell is continuing to lose ground and re-election for her is out of reach” said Mainstreet Technologies President, Quito Maggi.

Fennell has come under scrutiny in the last year after allegations of misspending in city hall.

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On Friday, Fennell held a press conference to announce an arbitrator’s report has cleared many of her expense violations initially revealed in a municipal audit released earlier this summer.

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