Great Western brews one of world’s best beers

Saskatchewan's Great Western Brewery wins 2014 world's best light carb lager title. File / Global News

SASKATOON – Saskatchewan’s Great Western Brewing Company (GWBC) wins international recognition at World Beer Awards (WBA).

The Saskatoon-based company entered the annual competition which involves hundreds of brewers from around the globe who submit a 12-bottle case of their finest.

Great Western Light was placed into one of eight categories, specifically as a lager in the low carbohydrate ‘style’.

“Our light beer has the same body as most five per cent beers because we only use 100 per cent Saskatchewan barley,” said Viv Jones, GWBC brew master.

“In Saskatchewan we have a very rich sub soil which is particularly high in potassium. This gives our beer the flavour of a five per cent beer, at four per cent. So you have tremendous taste and save on the carbs.”

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Judging is blind and accesses aroma, flavour, appearance, mouthfeel and finish.

In round one, each beer is tasted in the style it is entered in the Asia, Europe or the Americas regions.

On Sept. 27, Great Western Light was announced ‘world’s best light carb lager’ in the Americas.

Winning beers from each region are tasted again in London, England against other categories to select the ‘world’s best beer.’ The 2014 winner is Haacht Brewery Tongerlo Blond from Belgium.

WBA title holders receive extensive coverage throughout the globe targeting consumers and trade beer buyers.

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